TOC: Studies in Korean Morpho-Syntax: A functional-typological perspective

Discusses issues in Korean morpho-syntax from a functional-typological perspective. This book analyses Korean data from a cross-linguistic perspective, showing how cross-linguistic generalisations can contribute to an understanding of the structures in individual languages.

Table of Contents

Series Editors’ Note 7

Introduction9 1 | Kaoru Horie | A Comparative Typological Account of Japanese and Korean Morpho-Syntactic Contrasts 11

2 | Namkil Kim | On the Expression of ‘Imminence’ in Korean 35

3 | Stefan L Knoob | Arguments for a New Non-morphological Approach to Korean Voice and Diathesis 53

4 | Sang Whan Seong | What Does Germanic Syntactic Change Tell Us about Korean? 81

5 | Jae Jung Song | The ‘-ke ha’ Causative Construction in Korean99

6 | Jae-Mog Song | A Typological Analysis of the Korean Evidential Marker ‘-te-‘ 19

7 | Nam Sun Song | A Comparative Study of the Japanese Passive and the Korean Passive135

8 | Jaehoon Yeon | Causative-Passive Correlations and Retained-Object Passive Constructions1 63 Contributors 185

Abbreviations1 87

General Bibliography 189

Author Index 203

Language Index 207

General Index 209