Korean True-View Landscape: Paintings by Chong Son (1676-1759) [HB]


Ch’oe Wan-su, translated and edited by Youngsook Pak and Roderick Whitfield

ISBN 9781872843711

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Korean True-View Landscape: Paintings by Chong Son (1676-1759), a ground-breaking, revised and updated English-language edition of Kyomjae Chong Son chingyong sansu (The Art of Kyomjae Chong Son) by Ch’oe Wan-su, provides an unprecedented insight into the distinctive art and literati culture of Korea in the early eighteenth century. Published in two editions hardcover [9781872843711 and softcover 9781872843728], this is the hardcover edition. Go to the softcover edition.

Chong Son’s albums of landscape paintings celebrate the scenic beauty of Korean rivers and mountains, focusing on the capital Hanyang, now Seoul, the Han River, the East Sea and the world-famous Diamond Mountain. The author, Ch’oe Wan-su, Chief Curator of the Kansong Museum in Seoul, presents travelogues and poems by Chong Son’s contemporaries, scholars and officials who were inspired to compose those remarkable texts when they too visited the same landmarks. Korean scholars habitually wrote in Chinese, and frequently referred to Chinese paragons of landscape beauty, even while extolling the superior virtues of their native land. Some of them travelled as diplomats to the Chinese capital and even sold Chong Son’s paintings there at a handsome profit, though the artist himself had no opportunity to visit China or see Chinese paintings at first hand. Accordingly, this book illuminates contemporary relations between the two countries, as well as introducing each site in detail and explaining typical features of Korean architecture and customs.

This edited translation has been thoroughly prepared for western readers, both students and the general public, and provides additional explanatory notes and maps, not included in the original Korean edition.

Table of Contents

  • Maps
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Kyŏmjae’s Family Background    21
  • Korean Neo-Confucianism and the Yulgok School
  • The Development of Korean Character in Literature and Art
  • The Korean Response to the Manchu Invasions
  • Political Developments    27
  • Kyŏmjae Chŏng Sŏn’s Early Life    27
  • Kyŏmjae’s Studies in Painting    27
  • Kyŏmjae’s First Journey to Diamond Mountain and the 1711 Album    29
  • Creating the True-view Method    33
  • Kyŏmjae’s Official Career    37
  • Crown Prince Yŏng’in    41
  • Return to the Capital    45
  • Travels in Haeak     49
  • Album of the Four Districts    53
  • Album of Scenes in Kwandong    53
  • Paintings of the Capital and Suburbs    55
  • Boating Excursions     55
  • Return to Diamond Mountain in 1747    57
  • The Office of Copying and Restoration    57
  • Kyŏmjae’s Reputation in China    59
  • Kyŏmjae’s Late Years    63
  • Kwanajae’s Epitaph for Master Chŏng

I    Kŭmgangsan, Diamond Mountain    71

  • Plates 1-19

II    Outstanding Scenery of the East Sea    137

  • Plates 20-31

III Excursions by Boat along the Han River

  • Plates 32-81

IV Beauty Spots in the Provinces

  • Plates 82-100
  • Abbreviations
  • Primary Sources
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Glossary-Index

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Publisher, Year and Edition London: Saffron Books, 2005, First Edition
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Pages 382
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Binding Hardcover, laminated jacket, endpapers
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