EAP Saffron BooksSaffron Distribution, a division of EAPGROUP International Media working in conjunction with Saffron Books and third-party independent publishers, distributes worldwide books and periodical titles published by EAPGROUP as well as books and monographs from other independent publishers.

Publishers distributed by Saffron Distribution, including associated periodical and serial titles, consist of the following

  • Islamic Art, East-West Foundation, New York
  • Hunan Fine Art Publishing
  • Shanghai Fine Art Publishing
  • Myrna Myers, Paris
  • Iran Yaran, Iran
  • Academy of Business Studies, India
  • Various other publishers from India
  • Various Korean publishers
  • Various other publishers from Pakistan
  • Various independent publishers from Central Asia and the Caucasus
  • Hillu Liebelt, Berlin/London
  • Asssociate titles including Artbyte: Computers in Art and Art History, East Asia Journal, East Asia Journal Forum Reports and Proceedings, Eastern Art Report Monographs, Eastern Art Report Forum Reports and Proceedings, European Crossroads Forum Reports and Proceedings, The Middle East in Europe Forum Reports and Proceedings, Saffron Books titles, including e-books.

If you are an independent publisher and would like Saffron Distribution to handle your titles, please contact Saffron Distribution.