Saffron Asian Art & Society Series

About Saffron Asian Art & Society Series
Saffron Asian Art and Society Series [ISSN 1740-3103] is a well established refereed scholarly book series devoted to Asian studies in a wide range of disciplines.
The Series has an international following among the academic community worldwide. Proposals for inclusion of manuscripts in the series are welcome.

Saffron Asian Art and Society Series brings together new writing examining both the art and the social scenes in Asia as well as amidst Asian communities outside the continent. Please refer to the titles for related links, such as the Tables of Content, biographies of authors and editors, and selected excerpts.

All titles currently in print can be ordered from the official book store on this website and most are also available from major international outlets, including Amazon, served by Saffron Distribution. If in difficulty contact us for assistance.

Book Proposals in Saffron Asian Art and Society
Please write to the Saffron Asian Art and Society Series Editor/Commissioning Editor

Series Volumes In Print

  • Hai Shuet Yeung: Innovation in Abstraction | Sajid Rizvi with contributions from Anne Farrer and Li Gongming | Buy | More info
  • Beyond Frontiers: Contemporary British Art by Artists of South Asian Descent | Amal Ghosh and Juginder Lamba et al | Buy | More info
  • Displacement & Difference: Contemporary Arab Visual Culture in the Diaspora | Fran Lloyd et al | Buy | More info
  • Angry Words Softly Spoken: A Comparative Study of English and Arabic Women Writers | Alanoud Alsharekh | Buy | More info
  • Challenging Limitations: The Redefinition of Roles for Women in the GCC
  • THE CONCEPT OF DANZŌ: ‘Sandalwood Images’ in Japanese Buddhist Sculpture of the 8th to 14th Centuries | Buy | More info
  • Lost Generation: Luo Zhenyu, Qing Loyalists and the Formation of Modern Chinese Culture | Yang Chia-Ling and Roderick Whitfield | Buy | More info