The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings: A History and An Appreciation, by Lee Dongju

9781872843896The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings: A History and an Appreciation, translated by Robert Carrubba and Kim Kyongsook, began as an illustrated lecture by Lee Dongju (이동주 «李東洲» 1917-1997), the eminent author and art historian and Professor Emeritus at the Seoul National University. Although the book follows the format of that long slide lecture it has been thoroughly edited and adapted to make the texts and images accessible to an international audience.

The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings is part of the ongoing Saffron Korea Library Series ISSN 1748-0477 (Commissioning Editor, Series Editor: Sajid Rizvi) which publishes multidisciplinary scholarly titles related to art, architecture, philosophy and society of Korea in English, often with glossaries or appendices in Korean.

Originally written in Korean under the subtitle A History and An Appreciation of Traditional Korean Paintings, the book follows the format of his slide lecture and brings into English this passionate connoisseur’s acute, entertaining and at times uncomfortably frank observations on the subject of Korean art and artists.

The Beauty of Old Korean Paintings offers a wealth of information readily cross-referenced to Korean, Chinese and Japanese sources while preserving Professor Lee’s authentic voice and the value of his original work as an authoritative text on Korean painting.

True to Professor Lee’s intent, the book evokes interest in the whole gamut of Korean art as well as Korean artists, aesthetics and history.

Table of Contents

  • Translators’ Note 9
  • Introduction 11

Painting Realms 11;  Centre and Periphery 12;  Brush-and-Ink and Colour 13; Schools of Painting 14;  The Six Principles 15;  The Wrinkle Technique 17;  Supply and Demand  19

  • 1 | Ancient Tomb Murals 23
    Scene Paintings and Still Paintings  23; Anak Tomb No 3  24; Deokheungri Ancient Mural Tomb  27; Cloud Patterns  32; Lotus Flower Patterns  33; Other Decorative Patterns  35; Four Spirit Paintings  37
  • 2 | Paintings of the Goryeo Period 41
    The World of Buddhist Paintings 41; Gwanmuryangsugyeon Sipyukgwan Byeongsangdo: Illustration of the Sixteen Contemplations of the Sutra on the Contemplation of the Buddha of Infinite Life  42; Amitabul  46; Gwaneum Bosal 51; Jijang Bosal 55; Marijicheon 55; Immortal Hermit and Crane 57
  • 3 | Paintings of the Joseon Period  59
    Early Joseon: From Taejo to Later Jungjong  59; A Dream of Peach Blossom Land, by An Gyeon  62; The Convention of An Gyeon  63; The Joseon Convention of Shuubun  66; Gang Huian Brothers; Choe Gyeong; An Gwisaeng; Bae Ryeon and others  68; The Buddhist Paintings of Early Joseon  76;  The Puzzling Painter Lee Jasil  78; Lee Sangjwa  82; Searching for Plum Blossoms in Snow, Attributed to Sin Jam  86; Lee Am, Duseongryong  88
  • 4 | Paintings from the mid-Joseon Period  91
    Sin Saimdang  91; Kim Ji, Yangsongdang 94; Lee Jeong, Taneun 96; The Painting Garden Anthology 97; Lee Gyeongyun, Nakpa and Lee Yeongyun, Juk Rimsu 101; Lee Gyeho, Hyuhyudang 103; Lee Jeong, Naong 104; Lee Jing, Heoju 105; Jo Sok, Changgang 110; Kim Myeongguk, Yeondam 110; Yun Duseo, Gongjae 114; The Cheongjukhwasa by Nam Taeeung 116
  • 5 | Paintings from the Late Joseon Period     123
    Jeong Seon, Gyeomjae  124;  The Influence of Gyeomjae  130; Jo Yeongseok, Gwanajae  130; Sim Sajeong, Hyeonjae  132;; Lee Insang, Neunghogwan 137; Gang Sehwang, Pyoam  141; Ho Sanggwan Choe Buk’s Journey to Japan  145; Damjol’s Painting Album   146; Byeon Sangbyeok, Hwajae; Kim Duryang, Namli; Kim Yuseong, Seoam   150
  • 6 | Painting in the Joseon Period: Heyday of the Professional     153
    Historical Background 153; Kim Hongdo, Danwon – Representative Painter 156; Lee Inmun, Gosongsusugwan 160; The Gaeseong Kim Family  161; Kim Eunghwan, Bokheon  162; Kim Deuksin, Geungjae  163; Kim Seoksin, Chowon 164; Lee Myeonggi, Hwasangwan 166; Jan Hanjong, Oksan 167; Sin Yunbok, Hyewon  168; Im Deukmyeong,Songwolheon  169; Sin Wi, Jaha 171; Portraits 173
  • 7 | Painting in the Joseon Period   The Wandang Era     177
    The Joseon-China Relationship  177; Painting Theories, Painting Histories  186; Works of Professional-painters – Late Joseon through the End of the Great Han Empire 195; Provincial Painters 197;
  • Conclusion  197
    List of Paintings     199
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