Gardens of Korea: Harmony with Intellect and Nature


Published in two editions, hard cover and soft cover,  this international edition has been prepared for Saffron Korea Library Series as an introduction not only to Korean gardens but also as a window on Korean culture and civilisation as a whole.


Of the three great civilizations of East Asia, Korea used to attract the least attention. Overshadowed by their neighbours in China and Japan, Koreans had trouble gaining recognition abroad for the many accomplishments of their ancestors in such fields as architecture, music, dance, and the arts. That has begun to change in recent decades.

As South Korea has gained economic power, people outside of Korea have begun to notice that Korea’s past is at least as distinguished as its present. It is now possible to find good English-language introductions to many aspects of Korea’s ancient culture.

However, one area of Korea’s culture has remained relatively unknown – the beauty and extraordinary story of Korean gardens has remained largely hidden from those outside Korea. This book fills that gap. Heo Kyun shows how the gardens of Korea were distinctive, reflecting the beliefs and values of the Korean scholars who designed them and enjoyed them. Korea’s traditional gardens, whether inside palace walls or in mountain valleys, manifest the Korean desire to live in harmony with nature.

Gardens of Korea Introduction


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