Korean Grammatical Constructions [HB], by Jaehoon Yeon



The inaugural volume in Saffron Korean Linguistics Series (ISSN 1740-2956), Korean Grammatical Constructions: Their Form and Meaning, by Jaehoon Yeon, is published in two editions, this hard cover (9781872843360) and soft cover (9781872843261). Buy this book

This title is published in conjunction with the University of London SOAS Centre of Korean Studies. The series is primarily devoted to functionally and typologically orientated research on the Korean language and linguistics. This volume addresses broadly defined issues rather than matters of abstract theoretical polemics. The series aims to offer an international academic forum for the dissemination of Korean linguistics as well as Korean language studies.

About the Author

Dr Jaehoon Yeon is Senior Lecturer in Korean language at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Dr Yeon received his BA and MA in Linguistics at the Seoul National University and his PhD in Linguistics at SOAS. In addition to this volume, he is the author of Korean Grammatical Constructions: Their Form and Meaning (volume 1 in Saffron Korean Linguistics Series) and co-author of Teach Yourself Korean, Elementary Korean, Continuing Korean, and Integrated Korean: Advanced 1 and 2. He has also published numerous articles on Korean grammar and linguistics.


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