Saffron African Art and Society Series

Saffron Books African Art and Society Series [ISSN 1740-3111 | Series Editors John Picton, Sajid Rizvi] is a multidisciplinary series of books and monographs that aims to bring together new writing examining both the art and the social scene in Africa as well as art amidst African communities outside the continent.

The series was launched with the publication in 1997 of Art Criticism and Africa [Katy Deepwell, ed].
African Art and Society Series runs concurrently with Saffron Afriscopes Series.

The series does not encompass Caribbean art and societies, though texts included in the series do tend to touch upon issues concerning Caribbean and other peoples of African descent from various diasporas in the West as well as North America.
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In Print

Art Criticism and Africa | Katy Deepwell et al, ed
El Anatsui: A Sculpted History of Africa | John Picton et al, ed

Artists and Art Education in Africa | Elsbeth Court et al, eds
Divisions and Diverions: Visual Art in post-Apartheid Africa | John Picton et al, eds
African Artists in Britain | John Picton, Nancy Hynes et al, eds
The Yoruba Diaspora | John Picton et al, eds

Contributing to African Art and Society Series

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