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Welcome to Saffron Books. Here’s some essential Ordering Info

Using the links on this website you can order Saffron Book titles as well as subscriptions to EAP periodical titles, Eastern Art Report, East Asia Journal, Islamic Art etc.
The journal titles often carry Saffron ISBNs if they are monographs.

Saffron book titles, if in stock, are dispatched within three working days if ordered from EAP Saffron Online Store. Titles that are not yet available can also be preordered. To preorder a title or query its availability, click here or use the contact form.


All orders from booksellers must be accompanied by a purchase order reference and, in the case of booksellers in the European Union, orders must be accompanied by a VAT number. Orders must be prepaid by electronic transfer in the absence of a credit account. Details for an electronic transfer are provided with a pro forma invoice issued in response to an order not accompanied by prepayment.

Alternatively, Booksellers and Distributors who are networked with Nielsen should go directly to that network and look for Saffron Distribution [Key: 00172884].

Individuals and Institutions

In the first instance, please check this website for all available titles, including those distributed by Saffron Distribution and published by other publishers that are in partnership with Saffron Distribution.

Alternatively, Saffron offers downloadable order forms that can be printed and faxed back. Delivery upon receipt of faxed orders is relatively fast. This is a secure method of ordering books and subscriptions.

If you have consulted our list of available books and conducted a title and ISBN search on this website and still cannot find the book you want then please do contact Saffron Books by e-mail [saffron=at=eapgroup.com] or fax or by post (see details below). Institutional book buyers and booksellers, eg university libraries or university bookshops, can also use the same methods to order books or query price, availability and trade discounts. Booksellers can order directly via e-mail. Prepayment is required in the absence of a credit account.

Ordering Subscriptions
All periodical subscriptions can also be ordered here by following the relevant link or by using the contact link with specific queries.

Terms and Conditions [Summary]
Booksellers and Individuals can order all Saffron Books titles directly from this Saffron Books website and be guaranteed swift delivery. The following terms apply:

All orders must be prepaid in the absence of a credit account.

Booksellers who place an order and then cancel that order do so on the clear understanding that they will be charged postage and delivery on the cancelled order (if that order has been shipped) and will also be expected to return the goods undamaged.

While Saffron Books / EAP endeavours to delivery all listed titles and maintain prices as quoted on this website, or elsewhere on international database aauthorised or endorsed by it, eg amazon.com or Nielsen BookData, Saffron Books / EAP reserves the right to discontinue any title from the lists on this website and revise prices as and when warranted.

Where an order based on a price quoted elsewhere has been received and found to contain an inaccurate listing, the price quoted by Saffron Books / EAP shall prevail. However, in case of any such price differences, Saffron Books / EAP undertakes to notify the bookseller of the change and to seek and record their approval before dispatching an order.

All prices for book titles as well as subscriptions quoted on this website are Zero Rated for VAT, but additional charges where applicable for special delivery, courier delivery or delivery through other methods may be subject to VAT.

A comprehensive statement of Saffron Books Terms and Conditions, including refund and return policies, appears here.

Saffron Books Primary Info

  • Saffron ISBN Prefix 1-872843- [followed by numbers specific to each title]
  • Saffron Distributor Key 00172884
  • Saffron GLN / EAN 5030670135158