Authors A to Z

About Authors A to Z

Authors’ names are presented here using the western convention. However the convention has proved to be confusing in some cases, particularly with East Asian and Middle Eastern names. The second column presents authors’ names as they are, alternative spellings or alternative names. The links provide information about each author’s appearance in a Saffron / EAP publication and, in some cases, related links

Surname, Firstname/s Full Name
Ali, Wijdan Wijdan Ali
Alsharekh, Alanoud Alanoud Alsharekh
Baker, Don Don Baker
Barnes, Gina Gina Barnes
Braghin, Cecilia Cecilia Braghin
Carswell, John John Carswell
Chen Fangmei Chen Fangmei
Choe Wansu Choe Wansu
Deepwell, Katy Katy Deepwell
Denwood, Philip Philip Denwood
Fardon, Richard Richard Fardon
Fiskesjo, Magnus Furniss, Graham
Ghose, Madhu Madhu Ghose
Ghosh, Amal Amal Ghosh
Grube, Ernst Ernst Grube
Guo Dashun Guo Dashun
House Wade, Susan Susan House Wade
Hynes, Nancy Nancy Hynes
Johns, Jeremy Jeremy Johns
Karetzky, Patricia Patricia Karetzky
Kim Bongryol Kim Bongryol
Lai, Delin Delin Lai
Lai, Imann Imann Lai
Lalouschek, Elisabeth Elisabeth Lalouschek
Lamba, Juginder Juginder Lamba
Law, Jennifer Law, Jennifer
Li Boqian Li Boqian
Lin James Lin James
Lin Su-hsing Lin Su-hsing
Lloyd, Fran Fran Lloyd
McCausland, Shane Shane McCausland
Moreno, Elena Moreno, Elena
Mou Yangkang Mou Yangkang
Murowchick, Robert E Murowchick, Robert E
Nickel, Lukas Lukas Nickel
Njami, Simon Simon Njami
Okamura Hidenori Okamura Hidenori
Pak Youngsook Youngsook Pak
Picton, John John Picton
Rawson, Jessica Jessica Rawson
Ren Shinan Ren Shinan
Rizvi, Sajid Sajid Rizvi
Rizvi, Shirley Shirley Rizvi
Robertson, Iain Iain Robertson
Russell-Smith, Lilla Lilla Russell-Smith
Salviati, Filippo Filippo Slaviati
Shen Hsueh-man Hsueh-man Shen
Sims, Eleanor Eleanor Sims
Song, Jae Jung Jae Jung Song
Springborg, Robert Robert Springborg
Stelzig, Christine Christine Stelzig
Su Binqi Su Binqi
Tang Jigen Tang Jigen
Taylor, Paul Paul Taylor
Thorp, Robert Robert Thorp
Thote, Alain Alain Thote
Tsang, Irene Irene Tsang
Tu Cheng-sheng Tu Cheng-sheng
Wang, Helen Helen Wang
Wang Tao Wang Tao
Wang Xu Wang Xu
Whitfield, Roderick Roderick Whitfield
Yang, Chialing Chialing Yang
Yeon, Jaehoon Jaehoon Yeon
Yu Duan Duan Yu
Yu Weichao Yu Weichao
Xu Pingfang Xu Pingfang
Zhang Chi Zhang Chi
Zou Heng Zou Heng